Payment Policy accepts the following credit cards for online purchases:

Payment options

  • We do not accept debit cards.
  • All purchases will be charged in US dollars.
  • We offer gift cards.
  • Refer to Gift card section for more details.
  • Maximum Gift Card purchase limit is $500 USD.

Can I purchase Gift Cards using a Gift Card?
At this time, we do not allow Gift Cards to be purchased using another Gift Card as payment.

Will my purchase of a Gift Card be taxed?

Will I be able to apply any coupons or promotions to a purchase of a Gift Card?
Generally, coupons, discounts, and other promotions cannot be applied to the purchase of Gift Cards.

Shipping of  Gift Cards is subject to the same shipping policies as other merchandise purchased at as applicable, however, you usually receive your gift card within 2-3 days.

For Girly Girl E-Gift Cards, if you elect to receive a copy via email of the E-Gift Card you sent to someone else, you will receive a confirmation email once the e-Gift Card is sent via email to its intended recipient. In general, the E-Gift Card is sent via email to the recipient once your online order with us is placed.

Girly Girl Fashion will not be responsible for delivery of the Girly Girl E-Gift Card to an incorrect yet deliverable email address, or to a nonexistent email address, as provided by the purchaser.

The standard Girly Girl Return Policy applies to any products purchased with a Girly Girl Gift Card, but Gift Cards themselves may not be returned.

Refunds of purchases made with your Gift Card will be placed back on the card or on a new card.

See our Shipping Policy and our Return Policy for additional information.

How do I use my Gift Card?
Instructions will be in the email we send you once purchased.

Can I use both a Gift Card and a credit card to pay for an order?
Yes. Instructions will be on the gift card.

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